WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT. My ongoing frustration with social networks. It’s mostly me being grouchy with a point.

If I could, I would . . .

Delete my Facebook account.

Delete my Twitter account.

Delete all social networking accounts with, maybe, the exception of Instagram or LinkedIn . . . and even then it’s a close call.

Why would I do this?

I’m tired of the noise.

I’m tired of information overload. I’m drowning.

I’m tired of the trolling, bad behavior, anger, vitriol, and fake everything — news, links, images, shares, likes, tweets, retweets, phony posturing.

I’m tired of tech companies like Facebook and Twitter — not to forget Amazon and Google — telling me what I want to see based on a page, product, or tweet I visited or liked recently or years ago.

In fact, just because I follow someone, that doesn’t mean I want to see the likes/tweets/retweets/posts of the people they follow in my timeline. Stay out of my feed! It’s crowded enough already.

I’m tired of the unsavory data mining that everybody does and, mostly, lies about. Notice to these companies: I may not be able to run and hide from you easily, but I can ignore you when you shove your “recommendations” in my face.

I miss civil discourse, the exchange of ideas and opinions between people who are interested in the greater good, their communities, their fellow man, the world as a whole — not just their small sliver and their particular special interests. You can be pro-Second Amendment and still want better gun control laws and protect children in schools . . .

I’m worn out by tribalism, identity politics, political correctness.

I’m tired of data breaches and identity theft.

I’m exhausted by the constant lying, posturing, spinning and shenanigans from a corrupt President and his minions, the spineless Republicans, which sets a bad-behavior-is-acceptable tone for society. (The Democrats, too, are out-of-touch and should be held accountable.) It’s all such a fucking mess.

But I can’t.

I can’t delete social networks or ignore social media without repercussions. Society says so.

Preet gives us hope.

Employers expect you to have a “digital presence”, which I assume means having a Facebook account, using Twitter, being on LinkedIn, posting to Instagram, most likely having a blog or a portfolio of sorts on Behance (for creatives) or some other appropriate site.

If you don’t have a “digital presence,” which translates into a “digital brand,” you’re a luddite, a digital neophyte, you don’t know how to use any of this stuff, and you’re basically not worth engaging with.


I’ve been using social technologies since the days of 300 baud modems, bulletin boards, Friendster, pre-Facebook, early Twitter (when people tweeted about lunch and bowel movements), pre-YouTube, and pre-podcasting. There was no such thing as #fakenews, trolling, ghosting, gaslighting.

I sought to bring intelligence to the conversation with links and information I found, I “curated,” but was quickly overrun by retweets, bot behavior, and now fake everything. Amazingly, the beware of take information theme popped up in an unexpected book Killing Time by Caleb Carr.

Two phrases, among many I liked in the book, stood out: Mundus vult decipi — the world wants to be deceived — and “It is the greatest truth of our age: Information is not knowledge.”

This is NOT to say social networks and social media are worthless. They’re broken and not much fun anymore.

Except for reading Preet Bharara (and listening to his wonderful Stay Tuned with Preet podcast). Thanks, Preet, you give me hope.

I “borrowed” this featured image from SuzeMuze because I’m trying to revamp this site and don’t have time to make my own. I’ll get to it. I hope she doesn’t mind.

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