WHAT THIS POST IS ABOUT. Being a part of the community. In this case, Austin. It’s feel-good.

On the way out of Lowe’s today two young gentlemen sat at a table. I doubted they were selling Girl Scout cookies and probably not selling Boy Scout popcorn, either. What then?

“Are you familiar with the D.A.R.E. program?” I was asked.

As a matter of fact, I am — remembering when my daughter was in school and there were D.A.R.E. activities and awareness programs.

Yeah, my eyes look stoned, but it’s just cold out and I’m tired. How would that be for irony?

“We lost our government funding,” he told me. “We’re trying to raise money for the program. It’s not just keeping drugs out of our schools. We’ve expanded it to keep guns and violence out of the schools, too.”

I debated with myself quickly: Is this a scam? Doesn’t appear to be, but who knows. I am outside Lowe’s. They had to get permission. I trust Lowe’s (mostly). They do have all sorts of D.A.R.E. swag. And I remembered:

As a family we donated to D.A.R.E. years ago. The fact that it’s still around, it lost funding (I’m not sure when, it’s been under fire from naysayers for ages), and it now also focuses on guns and violence in schools . . . I’m in.

For my contribution I received a D.A.R.E. hat, which I’m wearing around town, and I have the satisfaction of helping kids and the community.

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