I am a Word Sketcher

I Tell Stories of People, Places, and Things.

I’m lucky enough to have had three distinctive careers.

The first was journalism and investigative reporting at The Dallas Times Herald . . . which gave way to product design and development, which led to teaching at the University of Texas at Dallas.

At first glance these appear completely different, but in truth they were all connected by three indispensable threads: writing; original research; a passion to tell the stories of people, places, and things.

To accommodate my diverse experience and interests, I’ve scrapped an old portfolio/blog site for something “fresh.” Who knows what you’ll see here — stories about technology, apps, culture, healths, yoga, sports, heart health, atrial fibrillation, my “new” home in Austin, Texas.

For the time being, the site is being developed in real time, when I can, and it will be far from perfect. So bear with me.

  • +1 817 480 5562
  • danieljlangendorf@gmail.com
  • Austin, Texas, USA